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What are the career pathways offered at Sunway Malls?



At the heart of Sunway Malls lies our Marketing team – creative powerhouses behind the campaigns you know and love.

With multiple divisions comprising Strategic Alliance, Internal Events, Communications and Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Tenant Relations, as well as Creative Design, ideas are developed into income generators as they increase footfall, drive sales, and push brand awareness to the general public.


Tech & Artificial Intelligence

It would be reductive to call our Business Innovation team an IT department.

As the name implies, the Business Innovation team is dedicated to pioneering technological advancements through our digitalisation efforts, data analytics, and data science, as well as navigating new developments such as AI within Sunway Malls.



Without our Leasing, Retail Planning, and Tenancy Administration teams, there are no retailers. Without retailers, there is no mall.

By fully executing the mall vision and concept, analysing current leasing strategies and customer behaviours, and forming a bridge between retailers and shoppers by handling tenant mix and leasing agreements, the Leasing departments make sure our malls are diverse, exciting, and fresh for customers of all ages to enjoy.


O2O Commerce

Managing a one-of-a-kind shopping platform is no small feat. Our dedicated team here at Sunway eMall knows the ins and outs of creating a unique shopping experience via our digital and Online-2-Offline/Offline-2-Online (O2O) strategy.

Professionals in key account management, marketing and content management, as well as on operations come together to keep this intricate platform running for our shoppers, both online and offline. Brands and shoppers have never been easier to reach.


Design & Fit-Out Services

Sustainability doesn’t just end at urban planning or recycling. We take it a step further to instil green practices into all areas of retail development.

With stores moving through a constant cycle of opening and closing, our Design and Fit-Out team takes key importance in minimising wastage and supporting eco-friendly efforts to the highest degree while creating aesthetically pleasing spaces in our malls for all to enjoy. Just look around our malls to see!


Sunway Pyramid Ice

Walk in a winter wonderland at Sunway Pyramid Ice!

Sunway Pyramid Ice team is not just dedicated to managing the daily operations of our ice rink, but also providing lessons to build the next generation of skaters at our skate academy and hosting international events right here on the ice!


Development Management

The birth of a mall is a delicate process, and our Development Management team is the one to see everything through – from conception to construction, and finally, commencement.

Ensuring that every decision made along the journey adheres to the highest standards and best practices is the rule of thumb in Development Management, and we look for keen eyes and minds capable of spotting cracks from a mile away.


Mall Operations

Our Operations team represents the cogs and gears that keep our shopping malls running!

The Building Services team maintains the civil and structural integrity of our buildings, while the Mechanical & Electrical team are always on the ready to fix any faulty mechanisms or electrical components. Constantly on the move are our Housekeeping team to keep the malls spick and span and our Security department on the look-out for our shoppers’ and tenants’ safety. Car Park handles all of your vehicular needs, and Retail Operations manages everything in between – dealing with our tenants, stakeholders, and customers to ensure that our malls adhere to the highest safety and operational standards.



Tactical. Analytical. Possessing the finest eye for detail. These are some ways you can describe the Finance, Credit Control, and Car Park Finance teams at Sunway Malls.

From the top to the bottom, our teams’ decisions are present every step of the way as the backbone of our organisation. Financial excellence is fostered in our teams as they work together to establish finance strategies, manage expenses and mitigate risk, analyse business opportunities, and facilitate our growth year by year.

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